CSGO: Practice Routine 2021

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This guide will talk about changes in my practice routine. A new year is starting and I am looking forward to taking my aim, movement, and game knowledge to the next level.

This guide will take many points from an earlier warm-up guide and enhance them. If you have not checked it out, click here.

Aim Routine

Last year I used to practice on aim botz but this year I am going to be using CSGOhub. This map has a lot of similarity with aim botz and a lot of extra features like pre-fire, that could be useful for a lot of newer and experienced players.

I believe a 15 minutes aim practice, mixed with tap shooting, bursts, and spraying then taking a 5 minutes break and repeating it.


On the same map, 10 minutes of BunnyHopping and 10 minutes of KZ. Then after that hopping into a private server and practicing the most common jumps on the most played map. For me, it’s Mirage, so I would be practicing the window to vent or window to short or CT to default box to palace jump.


I would hop into a retake server just to warm up with the adrenaline of an actual game with real players. The new game mode Retakes is a great mode at practicing with people and practicing retaking different sites.

Alternate Routine

I would hop into Playmaster.gg and just warm up for 10 minutes and then start doing all the tasks to get a higher score than before.

If you don’t know what is Playmaster.gg, click here.

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Until then, let’s get better, together.

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