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So, CS:GO got a new update on the 7th of January 2021, after which there will be no more bots in competitive matchmaking. It also came in with many more fixes on various maps and some fixes on view models.

But nobody cared about the other updates, because this update, in the opinion of many CS:GO players is a shitty one. If you do not know what is going on, let’s go back.

Good old days.

When a player disconnects or gets kicked in a competitive match or a wingman match, they were replaced by a bot for the time being if they decide to reconnect or anything. It had its issues like people kicking players for no reason just to get the advantage of the bot.

The advantage could be taken by playing aggressively or roaming freely to get info and then taking over the bot to exploit the info. Also, players would sometimes rage upon other players for taking over the bot.

No more bots

After this update, when a player disconnects or gets kicked the team will not be awarded a bot. If the entire team disconnects then there will be only 1 bot that too will sit idle in spawn.

Overall, this update was to reduce toxic behavior among the CS:GO community. But maybe this was a stupid step towards it. Also, it might be a step towards solving the griefing issue. Whatever Valve holds for us in the future, let us hope it adds to the experience of the game for newer players.

Read more about the update here.

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