CSGO: How to make an Autoexec file


Well typing your favorite commands every time you start CSGO can be annoying. The best option is to make an Autoexec file and have all your commands in it. In this guide, I will show you how to make an Autoexec file successfully.

You can not only save your commands but can have your custom settings, crosshair, view model, and so on in it.

What is an Autoexec file?

Game developers from Valve opened some parts of the game code to the community – just a small part that can’t ruin the whole product. Any player in CS:GO can add something to the game code through the developer console (which can be enabled in the settings).

 Also, players can set CS:GO Launch Options with the same effect. And practically, CS:GO config file is just another way to bring your changes into the game code. Using a .cfg file is a more efficient way of doing so.

So, Autoexec CS:GO is a part of the game code, saved in a file. It contains your settings, which will become active right after you launch the game.

How to make it?

The process is very simple. All you have to do is open a notepad or any text editor you may prefer. Then start writing the commands you use often. They maybe you custom keyboard binds, toggles, or whatever you feel like. If you want some useful binds, click here.

After you are done, all you have to do is save the file but instead of saving it as [filename].txt save it as [filename].cfg. Now copy the file to the CSGO folder. Now open Steam and add “+[filename].cfg” in your launch options for CSGO and you are done. If you don’t know where to click here.

Every time you open CSGO, all your commands will have been executed already.

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