CSGO: How to Bhop


In this guide ill show/teach how to bhop in CSGO. Using Bhop can be a pain in the wrist, but when done effectively can be useful. So without wasting any more time let’s see.

What is Bhop?

Bunny Hopping is running while jumping regularly. The Source Engine in Counter-Strike allows players to do so which means players can strafe faster for a limited time.

Being able to move faster in CSGO is like a buff in itself, it lets you and your team reach areas much quicker than normal which is perfect for setting up an ambush. Furthermore, it’s especially beneficial for the Terrorist team on certain maps when rushing towards the Bombsites or objectives.

How to?

Bhopping requires you to spam your jump key consecutively. Most humans use a spacebar as a means for jumping in games. But having to spam the spacebar can be tiring for your finger or any other thing you are into. So better choice would be to bind your jump key to something to a key you can spam constantly. A good example would be your mouse wheel.

Write any of the following commands in the console:-

– bind mwheelup +jump

– bind mwheeldown +jump

Now the instructions are as follows.

Press forward


Press D

Move the mouse to the right

Jump just before you land

Press A

Move your mouse to the left.

And just repeat.

That’s all. You don’t have to go all technical. But if you want to, click here.

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Until then, let’s get better, together.

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