CS:GO: 5 Useful console commands Part 2

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Hey guys, today I am going to show you 5 more commands which may help you to play better in competitive and overall aesthetics. But first, you need to enable the console.

Go into the settings menu, navigate to Game, and set “Enable Developer Console (~)” to “Yes”. Open the console by pressing tilde (~) or your assigned key to open it.

If you haven’t checked part 1 till now, click here.

cl_radar_scale <value>

This, as the name suggests, is the scale for your radar. The lower you enter the value the bigger is your radar. It is just a very useful command to see more of the area around you. You can also bind this to a key to temporarily increase the scale size

cl_righthand 0

I have been asked many times for this command. This command simply changes the ViewModel’s weapon hold on the left side for “0” and back to right with ”1”. I have bound this to a key, just in case I feel like playing it. Bind the key with the toggle command.

cl_forcepreload 1

I have been using this command for a while and though the loading time is slightly more I haven’t experienced any lag or stutter ever since in any of the maps. What this does is preloads everything on the map when you connect.

net_graph 1

This is a very common command and very useful. Overall, very useful

cl_radar_alwayscentered 1

this command is for the radar and will keep your position as a center point for the map, so you can view it better in all directions. 

Learn more console commands here.

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