CSGO: 5 Best Game modes


Are you tired of getting queued with random teammates that are not interested to play as seriously as you? Are you thinking about uninstalling CSGO and start playing Valorant for a change? Hold on! This guide brings you 5 game modes that you can play on various workshop maps and community servers. Let’s begin.

First, we start how we get to the workshop maps, open Steam, go to the community, and select workshops. After that type in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and select it, this should open the CSGO workshop page. Now type in or select any of the maps. And click subscribe.

Now open the game, and click on play, then navigate to Official Matchmaking drop-down and select Workshop Maps, and select the map you desire.

And in the same drop-down section, you will find the “community servers” tab then Search for a keyword and various servers will be listed.

Hide & Seek

Exactly what it sounds. Get a few friends to play with you, roam around the map and hide in various spots and just wait for your friend to lose his/her mind while he attempts to find you.


Surf is quite a popular game mode in CSGO. It was first discovered in CS 1.6 and has aged quite well.

Bunny Hop

If you’ve been playing CSGO for a while and still don’t know what bunny hopping is, you’ve failed as a CS player. Go Google it now.


KZ helps to improve your movement inside of CSGO. Also, it is a very fun game mode to play.


Get a bunch of friends, find a map, and good luck.

I am not going to ruin the surprise by explaining what the game modes are. Go check them out.

Some of the default game modes can be seen out here.

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Until then, let’s get better, together.

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