CSGO: 3 Aiming secrets you missed


Aiming, the most important aspect of any first-person shooter (fps). But unlike any other fps game global offensive’s a bit different. You need to be stationary to be able to hit a fully accurate shot. Even then there’s a slight chance that you miss due to the natural inaccuracy of the weapon.

But we are here to learn how to improve our already good aim. To improve at something you first need to know what you are improving at. Be it flicking, raw aim, strafing, or all of the above.

 This guide will add-on to another one of my guides where I discussed how to improve your aim. If you have not checked that out, click here.

1 crosshair placement

I have said this before and will say it again, and it is not just me every other player wants to get perfect crosshair placement. The only way to make that work is by getting to know the map, the angles, and common hiding or playable spots.

The more you play, the more your mind starts adapting to it. In the end, it all comes down to who shot first.

2 Stay calm

Many times I have seen players and even myself as sometimes when having to spray down, they panic. Just swiftly moving the crosshair over the person won’t make the bullets hit him. Sometimes it may work but it is not reliable.

If you are struggling at spraying, try bursting for some time. Or better hop into the workshop map Recoil Master and practice.

3 Use your head

If you can’t outplay your enemies, then outsmart them. Playing positions you are most comfortable with, making proper communication, using the map to your advantage are the habits of smart players.

If you wish yo learn more, click here.

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