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Anyone who has been playing CS:GO, has heard of S1mple. His play-style, his confidence, his savagery everything he did since 2012 has left a mark on us. It can be said, the way he plays CS:GO has nurtured the minds of many beginners.

S1mple is said to be one of the most talented players to ever touch Counter-Strike by many players around the world. So today I am going to highlight some tips to play like S1mple.


S1mple is very versatile in his play-style. He can take on multiple roles to assist his teammates or to get frags. S1mple is a great rifler, AWPer whatever you name. He can wield any weapon and plays like he has been using that for ages.


We have seen s1mple, do some crazy plays in the past and even now. Some people call him crazy to play CS:GO like that but it is his confidence that boasts craziness. Just like S1mple, be confident about what or how you play the game.


Some people are just better than others. It is all genetic and there is nothing you can do about it. If you want to get good at something just practice at it. S1mple is one of those players who has raw talent and has already made a name for himself, yet even today he practices the basic mechanics like every other player.

Keep Calm

S1mple used to be the kind of player who would get tilted real quick. In a competitive game like CS:GO, you need to maintain your calm otherwise your anger shall rule over your game and you will make bad decisions.

Know your guns

As I mentioned earlier, s1mple is extremely versatile. It’s because he adapts to any guns he picks up. So the best thing you can do is practice with the guns that are used by most players. It will help you in case you are stuck with any gun to pick up and fight.

S1mple’s configuration and other settings, click here.

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